The benefits of coworking spaces and communities for graduate students, in collaboration with Milieux

Notman House is all about creating the perfect coworking space for a startup-related community to thrive in Montreal. Of course, our usual community is predominantly composed of entrepreneurs, but we enjoy seeing more diversity in between our walls. After all, the knowledge sharing spirit of Notman gets stronger if a bigger variety of people is making it theirs. That’s why we believe students, especially late-stage graduate students seeking a different environment to tackle tasks like writing their dissertation can benefit from spaces like Notman. 

We recently met up with two of the founders of Milieux, a community for graduate students aspiring to careers beyond academia. They told us more about the ways they believe coworking and community spaces can benefit graduate students.

The experience of Milieux’s founders

The Milieux team has used Notman’s office spaces on various occasions working on the transition out of graduate school towards pursuing their own startup. Ricky Haeger, Co-Foudner & CEO of Milieux says: “I always loved coming to Notman for a change of scenery when I was writing my thesis or reading yet another paper at the end of my PhD. The cafe downstairs is amazing and you are exposed to so many people with different professions. It gives you a whole new perspective. I was lucky that I got to know the Notman culture very closely, since my brother’s company Consilium Crypto rents office spaces on the first floor. The events going on here are really great and you always meet someone interesting in the hallways. I would highly recommend for grad students to stop by and check it out. Inquire about the day/month rates and spend some time here!”

Coworking spaces have become a haven for remote work and collaboration. There is usually an option to meet everyone’s needs. Depending on the work to be done different offerings could speak to graduate students looking for a change of scenery. (e.g. a floating desk, a set desk, or even a private closed office)

Benefits for everyone

Using a coworking space like Notman does not benefit only startups . There are many benefits to using these more ubiquitously available work settings for anyone looking to get some solid work done. The interdisciplinarity of coworking spaces also allows for meaningful synergy and all-around productivity through exposure to various professions. 

Another beneficial aspect of a coworking space is the accountability that exists while working among professionals, whether directly or indirectly. Depending on the field of study of a graduate student, they may be on the lookout for new places to spark their creativity and productivity. Milieux co-founder & COO Nioushah Noushi says “Being surrounded by something other than the library and my desk really gave me the necessary boost to get to the finish line. This is where graduate studies and coworking spaces make a valuable pair.”

Coworking spaces…

Notman House has much to offer including various coworking options, a lovely café, an excellent location, and so much more. “When I had a deadline coming up— a grant proposal or drafting of a chapter of my dissertation—and I was tired of looking at the same view from my library desk, I would go to work at cafés, but they are often busier than the library during exam times. Notman was the perfect solution.” (Nioushah Noushi)

As more workplaces, including universities and supervisors embrace hybrid or remote work, there is a greater need to find a comfortable and reliable place to work. That’s where coworking spaces like Notman House come in and support professionals like graduate students. You can choose which package and rate meet your needs. For example, splitting fees between friends or colleagues might be a great option for grad students. 

…and communities

The socialization facet of coworking spaces is front and center at Notman House, particularly for those wanting to work in a tech hub at the heart of Montreal. A vibrant community of innovators across the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Notman House provides ample networking and collaborative opportunities to all. Therefore, it facilitates knowledge transfer, encompassing many experiences that would be highly beneficial to graduate students.

“At the beginning of our startup journey we had a lot to learn. Grad school doesn’t do the best job at preparing you for the world outside of academia. We learned a lot from connections at Notman and by looking to network every chance we got. The gap between grad school and entrepreneurship/industry is precisely why we started Milieux. We are looking to create a community for grad students with ambitions beyond academia and prepare them for the transition, provide resources and opportunities, and host networking events for valuable collaboration between sectors. Landing an industry position to start a business shouldn’t be as difficult as. So, we show our members how to make it easier and fun! We are grateful for the community at Notman for having provided us with a space to develop our ideas!” (Ricky Haeger)

Want to learn more about Milieux? Check out their website and socials.

Milieux, a community of graduate students who want to transition into a career

This article was written by Ricky Haeger and Nioushah Noushi from Milieux, in collaboration with Notman House.