EVsimple winner of Pitch4Good | Sustainable urban living and mobility

Pitch4Good : EVsimple, an innovative technological platform that simplifies access to electric vehicles by creating synergy between these vehicles, local businesses and individuals through an operating system and an application, won the $5,000 National Bank grant at the 4th edition of Pitch4Good, on the theme of Mobility and sustainable urban living.

Mobeo, a closed and secure bicycle shelter solution, won the Public’s Favourite Award.

An evening to improve city life

On Thursday November 16, we held the 4th edition of our Pitch4Good pitch competition for impact solutions. Like the very first edition in November 2022, this one was presented as part of Impact Week, a Startup Montréal initiative aimed at helping entrepreneurs find ways to reconcile social, environmental and economic impact.

The theme of this fourth edition was based on the following SDGs:

Goal 11 – Ensure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
Goal 9 – Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

It encompassed all solutions that have a positive impact on citizens’ quality of life and contribute to building more sustainable cities. This included, but was not limited to, solutions that make cities more resilient, liveable and environmentally friendly, while engaging citizens in the creation of sustainable urban communities.

As always, the competition was presented by National Bank. For the first time, we also had the support of Propolys in organizing the event.

As always, the finalists, selected from all the applications we received, were given 2 minutes to pitch to the jury of experts and the public. With no visual aids, the finalists had only their words to convince. The judges then had 5 minutes to ask questions.


Contributors who make the difference

The jury is without doubt one of the most important elements of a competition like Pitch4Good. Their expertise, questions and advice add inestimable value for all finalists.

The 5 experts we mobilized for this edition not only had the difficult task of choosing the winning project, but also had the opportunity to give vital feedback to all the finalists.

Patrick Gagné, CEO and startup support Cycle Momentum

Samy Benhamza, CEO and founder, Cap Solar

Géraldine Cadier Miralles – Strategic Advisor Accélérateur Mobis – Coop Carbone

Myriam Tamisier, B.Sc., M.Ing. Head of the Regulatory Innovation Laboratory Maison de l’innovation sociale

Patrick Lapierre, Senior Consultant Design Employee Experience Banque Nationale du Canada


The 6 finalists 

Here are the evening’s finalist projects, as they presented themselves when they submitted their applications.


Communogrow, pitch by Patrick Deschambault

The Communogrow platform puts gardeners in touch with homeowners who own land and would like to sublet it for gardening.


ÉcoSense (par Éco-Pivot), pitch by Tarrah Beaudoin

EcoSense allows data to be collected (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pollution, GPS, etc.) and provides a finer reading at the territorial level, as it allows users to wander around their preferred locations and gives urban planning professionals data on the effectiveness of a greening measure.


Enerflow, pitch by Alexandre Giuseppi

EnerFlow provides an interface that allows users to synchronize their energy bills and building data. In a matter of minutes, EnerFlow is able to analyze and extract key information about the building, in conjunction with external data points, to provide suggestions on how to reduce its energy consumption and thus their carbon footprint.


EVsimple, pitch by Cédric Bourdelais


EVsimple offers an innovative technological platform that simplifies access to electric vehicles by creating a synergy between these vehicles, local businesses and individuals through an operating system and an application. This approach contributes to sustainable mobility and a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road.

Mobeo, pitch by Vincent Béliveau

Mobeo makes cycling a more attractive alternative to the car by designing and manufacturing bicycle parking solutions.

The Mobeo bike shelter is the only compact solution in North America that protects your bike from theft and the elements, and offers simple electronic access. Mobeo occupies half a car parking space and can accommodate up to 6 bikes.


Le Village des bébés, pitch by Nathalie Pesin

Our solution, ÉcoBébéConnect, offers a range of workshops, interactive activities and online resources to encourage an environmentally-friendly lifestyle for families with young children. Parents can access personalized educational content, family activity ideas, tips on responsible consumption, face-to-face workshops for community outreach, baby clothes reuse and upcycling initiatives, and much more!


We invite you to discover and support them!

EVsimple and Mobeo, winners of the night

Mobeo was the project that most appealed to the public attending the event, and won the “Public’s choice” award.

And EVsimple impressed the jury the most, winning a $5,000 grant from National Bank.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, and thank you all for another great evening!