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Notman House hosts a wide range of events and learning activities that address the changing needs of a community of dynamic entrepreneurs. We encourage our members to get involved, and we promote entrepreneurship by sharing knowledge, working together and the “give first” approach. Possibilities for growth and personal development are supported in a secure and open environment.


Connect with Montréal’s startup ecosystem, with resident startups and with the Notman House alumni network

Google for Startups

Get access to the Google for Startups community and take advantage of Google’s connections and best practices


Take part in the events organized by Notman House and its partners (workshops, lunch & learn, hackathon, etc.)


Take advantage of a network of coaches via our key collaborations with Mtl inc. and MAINqc

Acceleration programs

Get closer to some of the best accelerators in town: Techstars AI Montréal, FounderFuel and Startup in Residence


Our memberships


6-month commitment


$210/month + tax

Unassigned office in the coworking space

For 1 person

Network & connections

Expert advice

All of the members’ perks

Shared office

6-month commitment


$395/month + tax

Dedicated workspace in a shared office

For 1 person

Network & connections

Expert advice

All of the members’ perks

Private office

6-month commitment

Starting at

$800/month + tax

A closed office for your team

Up to 8 people

Network & connections

Expert advice

All of the members’ perks

Virtual member

12-month commitment


$75/month + tax

Connect with the community without renting a space

Network & connections

Expert advice

Coworking > 2 days access

Meeting rooms > 3h

Selection of perks

Residents’ perks

Free access to the conference rooms for 12 h per month

50% rebate for the rental of event spaces

24/7 access to the Campus + Notman House activities domiciliation address

Coaching Mtl inc.* Experts to help you grow

Momentum Support* to quickly go from the marketing to the growth phase

Service managed by MAIN 

$10,000 in credits with AWS and $1,500 in Business Support*

Google for Startups programs and ressources

Up to 30% discount on HubSpot software + dedicated support and resources

15% rebate at OSMO x Marusan Notman House’s café and Japanese counter

10% rebate at certain retailers on Saint-Laurent Boulevard

* Certain conditions apply. Depending on the participants’ admissibility
** Virtual members can also benefit from coaching with Mtl inc. coaches.

Our residents


They’ve also evolved with Notman

Notman House boasts a vibrant community of startups/VCs/advisors, and offered us invaluable access to their network/resources/events desperately needed in the early days of Mixonset. It is conveniently located in the center of Montréal, very affordably priced for the great value, therefore the ideal place for early stage founders. Cannot recommend it enough!

Zeyu Li
Zeyu Li
Co-Founder & CEO, Mixonset

If we need to approach VCs, FonderFuel or Techstars, Notman is like that person who shows you around and opens the doors for you to meet them.

Vincent Haeger
Vincent Haeger
Founder, COO | Consilium Crypto

Notman House is truly the heart of the Montréal tech entrepreneurial scene. It’s where I met my co-founder, where we finalized our first round of funding, where we got our first office space, where we recruited our first team member, and where we experienced the ups and downs of the early days. Even today, many years after our debut, Notman House remains our second home. Where it all began!

Therence Bois
Therence Bois
Co-Founder & COO | Valence Discovery

Each year, Techstars Montréal brings startups from here and around the world together for its accelerator program. We strive to expose these founders to as many opportunities as possible and allow them to immerse themselves in the Montréal ecosystem. Notman House is the best place in town to make that happen.

Bruno Morency
Bruno Morency
Directeur général | Techstars Montréal AI

My career would not be what it is today without all the meetings and countless connections I’ve made at Notman. Working on an accelerator program is an incredible challenge, and I don’t know what I would have done without all the people who are deeply involved in the startup ecosystem with whom I’ve been able to interact and collaborate over the past few years. Our community is tightly woven, and Notman House is where it comes together.

Sarah Bezeau
Sarah Bezeau
Conseillère Principale | Innovation Ouverte, Startup en Résidence, Desjardins

My journey with Notman started in 2018. And i’ve been back here every year since then. This is where I come back to rejuvenate my energies and feel inspired again. The people who work here play a huge role in that. I’m drawn to the community here.

Samarth Bhasin
Samarth Bhasin
Co-founder & CTO, Alexsei


In addition to entrepreneurs, Notman is a home for investors, accelerators, and companies which support the startup ecosystem.

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