Life After Notman – Corstem AI*

Our time at Notman House was short, and besides the occasional tea or coffee from Café OSMO, we pretty much stayed confined in our office, working hard. As a matter of fact, even that was quite sporadic since we had to attend several tradeshows and conferences in order to simultaneously get acquainted with the Montreal Entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as the Canadian and US healthcare industry. However, this four-month stay allowed us to perfect Corstem’s business model and build its foundation. It also gave us a cozy place to work from, for our first contract.

We must say that when we joined Notman House last October, the market traction was already significant. That keen interest is mainly due to two ingredients: first, we are part of the wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies surging in Montréal, and second, we’ve been closely collaborating with physicians for the last few years which has allowed us to pinpoint their needs.

Since being at Notman, Corstem has moved to Inno-centre’s office which is quite convenient because we have a coaching/consulting agreement with them. Being at the same workplace as your lawyer, your financial advisor, and your business advisor has proven to be quite practical!

Also, in the past three months, we’ve had the chance to participate in CENTECH’s high-standard Accelerator Program and have since secured ourselves a place in its newly-managed Propulsion Program. Its affiliation with École des Technologies Supérieures (ÉTS) also facilitates the access to highly qualified resources.

On the business side, we are currently collaborating with the National Institutes of Health in the US as well as other research organizations and major foreign industrial partners. Our flagship software product is saving cardiologists up to 40 minutes of diagnosis time per patient. We do this by automatically eliminating the manual labor involved in their medical image analysis, and we’re planning to do even more with new proprietary products that we’ll be introducing to market shortly.

Finally, despite all the exciting possibilities that AI promises, it’s important for us, at Corstem, to nurture our primary objective, which is to allow physicians to spend more time at what they do best: dealing with patients, not with machines.

Pascal Labrecque

*Corstem was acquired by Circle Cardiovascular Imaging in 2019.

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