and GC LIPID TECH inc. named the public’s favorite.

Pitch4Good : Naomi Thibonnet, co-founder of On Trippe Nature, a movement that aims to redefine the way we travel to allow the regeneration of ecosystems and local populations, won the $5,000 grant offered by the National Bank at the 3rd edition of Pitch4Good, on the theme of biodiversity and natural resources.

Brandon B. Jaunky, co-founder of GC LIPID TECH won the brand new “Public’s Favorite” award.

An event for biodiversity

On Tuesday, April 18, we held the 3rd edition of our Pitch4Good impact solutions competition. The theme of this edition, based on the United Nations’ SDGs 14 and 15, was the preservation and restoration of ecosystems. As always, the competition was organized in collaboration with Esplanade Québec and presented by National Bank.

As always, the finalists were selected from all the applications received and were given 2 minutes to pitch in front of the jury of experts and the public. Without visual aids, the finalists had only their words to convince. The judges then had 5 minutes to ask questions.

The “public’s favorite” award

A new feature of this edition was the public vote. Following the presentation of all the pitches, everyone had the opportunity to vote for their favorite project. It was Brandon B. Jaunky and his GC LIPID TECH project earned this recognition, proving that his pitch resonated positively with the audience.

The presence and feedback of the audience is very important for the Pitch4Good finalists, so we wanted to give the audience an extra voice in supporting the projects.

Relevant contributors as always

The evening was hosted by our MC Sophie Poirier, program coordinator at Université de Montréal’s Millénium Québecor. And 5 expert judges were present to fulfill the difficult task of determining the winner of the competition.

5 projects for our ecosystems

And without further ado, here are the impact projects that were proposed by our finalists:

Auky Gonzales Gysin, ÁCARA

ÁCARA’s mission is to help farmers continuously improve their practices through artificial intelligence and analytics-based software that provides them with fast and reliable soil data. In doing so, farmers create a new source of income by generating carbon credits and enriching soil quality.


Axel Bogos, DRIAD AI

Provider of AI and drone-based forest inventory solutions, DRIAD AI’s mission is to optimize the forestry business by leveraging AI and computer vision technology to analyze drone-acquired RGB and LiDAR data.


Brandon B. Jaunky, GC LIPID TECH Inc

GC Lipid Tech’s mission is to restore and conserve marine life by reducing the aquaculture’s need for forage fish as a source of feed. Forage fish are facing permanent depletion and our solution can allow them to repopulate and re-establish biodiversity.


Laura Cacot, IONIZE

Ionize offers an innovative solution for urban agriculture by eliminating the use of chemicals in hydroponic systems, while reducing their energy consumption. This is thanks to plasma technology that also preserves water quality and aquatic ecosystems, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through local food production.


Naomi Thibonnet, ON TRIPPE NATURE

OTN is building a collective intelligence platform that brings together all stakeholders of the tourism industry in Quebec to educate them on regenerative concepts and practices. The goal is to create synergies and initiate collaboration between these actors to co-construct resilient and autonomous systems that can then offer accessible regenerative experiences to travelers.


On trippe nature is the winner

With so many innovative projects, all very different, the decision was not easy. In the end, the judges chose Naomi Thibonnet’s pitch and the project On Trippe Nature. The team behind this project was awarded a $5,000 grant from National Bank to continue building their startup.

Next edition

The next edition of Pitch4Good will take place in the fall of 2023 and the theme has not yet been announced, but stay tuned! We’ll be back soon with a call for applications and a new opportunity for impact entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas.