Life After Notman – Motorleaf

Drinking from a firehose is an expression we heard from other startups while we were located in Notman House during our time at FounderFuel, which all culminated in July 2016; I understood from an intellectual level, and now KNOW what it means.

In August we shuffled out of Notman House, saying goodbye to our awesome neighbours and Notman staff (upstairs and downstairs), with a mix of excitement and melancholy.

Little did we know that in 6 months we would have landed our lead investor (500 StartUps Canada) and be 7 full time, and 4 part time staff at Motorleaf HQ.

It’s so easy to write that last sentence, it’s another thing to explain what a tough and nerve racking journey it was before we knew our runway was secure.

It’s now a task of execution verses planning what to execute.

We have moved into a loft style building in St-Henri, my Husky dog Shadow comes to hang out with us (he’s broken his leg so right now is taking it easy at home in Sutton Quebec), and we are starting to feel ‘it’s happening!!’ from a company culture / momentum perspective.

We’ve hired Masters and PHD brainiacs from McGill University, awesome business development, client experience, and engineering team members – and even an expresso machine and robot vacuum (this was a big deal for our team!)

Notman House showed Ramen (my Co-Founder) and myself what a vibrant tech community there is, and I also saw a community that truly wants others to succeed. We’ve had nothing but good wishes and positive feedback on what we’re doing, which before you land funding keeps you going during those darker days when the mountain you wish to climb looks too big to scale alone.

We’re planning to change the world, helping anyone grow crops anywhere in the world – automatically. Reach out if you think that’s a project worth looking at in more detail – we’re happy to speak with you!

– Ally & Ramen

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