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As cloud adoption continues to grow and new web applications are being created faster than ever before, has come forward with a solution to application security. The traditional method of “find quickly, fix quickly” simply can’t keep up with the current pace of innovation. has developed protection software you can embed directly into the app itself. It’s more adaptable and offers better flexibility and security than a firewall. While web application firewalls are currently the most commonly used security measure, companies now have hundreds of thousands of clients and hundreds of millions of sites with sensitive data. It’s simply too expensive and difficult to cover such a vast range of rapidly evolving sites, especially for medium sized businesses. is more affordable and have repeatedly stressed the ease of use of their product.

With an impressive $5 million in Series A funding announced this past April, bringing the total funds raised to $8.3 million, is well on the way to startup success. But while things are taking off now, with 25 employees and plenty of buzz, there was a time not so long ago when was working out of Notman House with only 4 employees.

“It was our first step after working from home,” said CEO Zaid Al Hamami. And Notman offers many ways to make that transition easier. Size, location, and amenities were all part of the decision to choose Notman, but what really attracted the team was the people.

“We didn’t do FounderFuel. And the services on offer are great, but that wasn’t the biggest thing for us. For us it was the people. Just being around other startup people, it’s a good place to interact with people in a similar situation to you,” said Al Hamami. spent a year at Notman where, along with other startup teams, they got exposure to potential investors. “We also found a lot of our trial users and some engineers we worked with at Notman House.”

A year and a half after first moving into Notman house, and six months after leaving, is going strong. The team is now spread mainly between Montreal and Dartmouth, with their first sales exec based in London and a few employees in Portland, the DC area, and India, but Al Hamami still remembers their earlier days at Notman fondly.

-Quinn Mason

*Immunio has been acquired by Trend Micro in 2017

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