Our top priority is to connect the already existing community. Hundreds of groups, meetups and events are being created and take place every year in Montreal. They are loosely connected and aware of each other, but still essentially fragmented. The Notman House wants to bring them all together.

We want to bring startups, students, investors, developers and artists all together in the same spirit that characterized the Montreal of the past.

As you can see from the logos on the left, Montreal is home to many organizations (and we do not list one tenth of them). They all participate in different ways to make Montreal one of the best places for innovation to happen in Canada and North America.


The community has been very active and we highly encourage that. Anyone is welcome to help and participate on this project. There are several channels through which to do so:

  • PBWork: this is our wiki. Most of the ideas and content related to the projects are stored here
  • Google groups: this is our public mailing list. You can create a thread and hold a discussion about whatever you want here.


A few projects have already come out of the Notman House ecosystem. Here is a quick peek at some of them: