3 Months In… | Notman House

It seems like just yesterday that I was penning this post about what I wanted to accomplish as Campus Director and about my hopes for the future of the House. But it wasn’t, it was three months ago. Since then A LOT has happened and A LOT is still to come, but I can confidently say that I’m very happy with the progress the House has made and am really looking forward to the future.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the things that have happened, that are coming up and how you can help.
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The past three months:

  • We brought on Ritika Dutt as our new Campus Coordinator and Annabelle Cournoyer as a summer communications intern
  • We launched the Google for Entrepreneurs Terrace and along with it a series of weekly BBQs and outdoor events
  • We saw the continued growth of the OSMO Café and development of an in-house catering service
  • We set-up our Café OSMO dashboard which is open-source and community run (want to contribute?)
  • We launched our monthly newsletter to keep the community and our partners informed about everything that’s going on
  • We started 2 new event series, Coffee with a Journalist (the next one is August 24th) and Coffee with an Investor (the next one is August 31st)
  • We launched a very exciting new program which will bridge the divide between the classic business world and the startup community in Montreal. Stay tuned for more…

The next three months:

  • We’ll focus on growing and promoting our perks package for tenants of Notman House
  • Continued tenant events including a Banque Nationale hosted, community wide BBQ on our terrace
  • Launch of Coffee with an Entrepreneur (want to participate? follow-us on social media to stay up to date)
  • We will create an alumni network of companies and entrepeneurs who have passed through Notman House
  • Notman House will become the home address for startups across the city
  • Focus on growing the number of partnerships with spaces from 14 to over 25

How you can help:

We’re always looking for help so if you’ve got some time to give and you’re a marketing wiz, a lawyer, an accountant, a developer, a translator, have a green thumb, enjoy heavy lifting or painting or just want to get involved. Reach out, we’d love to work with you – emma@notman.org

– Emma