We’re hiring a concierge!

Notman House is hiring a concierge, full time job, competitive salary, variable schedule, nice team, join us!


The OSMO Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Montreal entrepreneurs to help build the local startup community in an open, inspiring and collaborative approach. With the creation in 2011 of Notman House, a 30,000 square foot campus, OSMO has created a community space for the growth of innovative businesses led by leaders committed to sustainable prosperity, a hub where startups, investors, partners, and community groups converge.

Maintenance Concierge


The concierge ensures the maintenance of the buildings and carries out all the work required according to the seasons. They ensure housekeeping and the general cleanliness of the buildings and grounds. They also participate in the preparation of the rooms for all events and make sure to put everything back in place when they are done. During these events,they additionally make sure security rules are observed.  


  • Maintain and clean the inside and outside spaces of Notman House, including :
    • Clean the floors using a sweeper and mop;
    • Dust and wipe all surfaces (desks, screens, telephone, chairs, etc.);
    • Empty garbage cans and recycling bins;
    • Maintain and disinfect toilets;
    • Nettoyer the cafeteria and kitchenette;
    • Wash windows at main and secondary entrances;
    • Ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the premises, collect waste around the building and on the grounds;
    • Remove snow from entrances, stairs, sidewalks and apply sand or salt as needed;
    • Mow the lawn and ensure the maintenance of green outdoor spaces (flowers, flower beds, etc.);
    • Pick up fallen leaves and throw them away;
    • Cleaning of grids and ventilation diffusers;
  • Carry out minor renovations in the building;
  • Moving furniture, transporting and storing goods and materials;
  • Replacement of fluorescent bulbs and tubes;
  • See to the supply and operation of the heaters;
  • Report to the building manager any problems, anomalies;
  • Receive and supervise subcontractors;
  • Any other related duties;


  • Experience in janitorial or superintendent services;
  • Strong manual skills;
  • Attention to detail and a job well done;
  • Show initiative and be resourceful;
  • Respectful of the privacy of tenants;
  • Ability to lift loads and climb ladders;
  • Be punctual;
  • Functional French;
  • Flexible availability;
  • A safety investigation, related to the job, will be done
  • Welcome to people aged 55 and over, visible minorities, immigrants!

Type of employment: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $37,500 per year, 35-hour variable schedule guaranteed

Starting date : June 6 2022


Group Insurance

Allowance for cellular

Small, friendly management team

Interested? Apply at rh@notman.org

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