Life After Notman – Volume 7 

Although Montreal-based Volume7 develops mobile and web application technology for a variety of startups, don’t confuse them for your run-of-the mill web agency. “We’re really a digital product agency,” explains Business Development Manager Raphael Christian-Roy. Most of our clients have a seed idea, but don’t necessarily have the background nor the know-how to execute it. Essentially, we’re taking their idea and building an MVP (minimum viable product) out of it, which they use to raise more money; if they don’t have money already, they go raise money with investors.”

The decision to make digital software products for startups was a deliberate one, despite the fact that early stage startups have significantly less funding than firmly established corporate giants. “We quickly realized that these established companies aren’t the clients we want. They typically just want a bunch of coders to execute on command, which is not what we’re about. First and foremost, we collaborate with clients during the ideation phase, ensuring that we’re building the best possible product.”

That’s why the decision to become tenants at Notman House earlier this year made so much sense; “Given the fact that we primarily work with startups, Notman House was the obvious choice when came time to find an office space. As Montreal’s largest startup hub, it was the best of both worlds for us,” said Christian-Roy. At the time they were tenants, Notman was also hosting between 20-30 events/month, providing the perfect opportunity to mingle with the community. “From meeting startups, founders and entrepreneurs, to individuals who are looking to develop an idea, Notman House events were and continue to be an invaluable part of my role as Business Development Manager.”

And although Volume7 moved out of Notman house in June to accommodate a steadily growing team (they’ve since jumped from four employees to twelve, with plans to be at 15-20 by the Summer), Christian-Roy is a member of the Young Founder’s Circle, and still finds himself at Notman at least twice a week. “Meeting and getting to know everyone in the startup community was definitely the coolest part about being a tenant here.”

–Quinn Mason

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