Job Offer : Administration and Finance Manager

Job in administration and finances for OSMO Fondation

The organization 

Over the past two decades, innovation-based businesses have changed the way most people live their lives: the way they communicate, collaborate, manage their businesses and their lives, find customers, shop, stay connected, express themselves, network, and access almost any essential service. Humans benefit from this innovation, but the future depends not on how much they benefit it, but on how much they contribute to its development.

In 2011 OSMO Foundation has created Notman House, a 30,000 square foot campus that provides physical infrastructure for innovators as well as entrepreneurial communities. OSMO’s success is measured by the scale of the community organizations it enables, as well as the billions of dollars of value created by the startups (and now scale-ups) that are built using the infrastructure platform that is Notman House.

At the heart of OSMO’s vision is the belief that the communities in which entrepreneurs grow, thrive and create world-changing businesses must be sustainable.

Under the supervision of the Managing Director, the Administration and Finance Manager plans, organizes, directs and coordinates all administrative, financial, IT, building logistics and project management activities of the organization. They ensure the development and improvement of administrative processes and guarantees an adequate flow of information throughout the organization.

Roles and responsibilities 

Administration Management
  • Ensure that the physical infrastructure is compliant with regulations and maintained to the standards expected by residents, staff and visitors, while respecting the heritage character of the building.
  • Ensure that coffee operators manage the operation in accordance with laws, the lease, and community expectations.
  • Manage and negotiate supplier contracts and maintain inventory of sufficient office and building supplies.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all members/residents.
  • Oversee HR management: payroll, recruitment, training plan, employment contracts, social declarations and other obligations, internal and external communication, employee well-being, organizational culture.
  • Implement and optimize internal policies and processes to improve the efficiency of administration, financial, material and human resources and building logistics and ensure legal, fiscal and regulatory compliance.
Finance Management
  • Monitor cash flows on a daily basis, analyze variances from forecasts, update cash flow forecasts, supervise the collection (clients) and disbursement (suppliers) process, manage real estate and movable assets, ensure relations with banking institutions.
  • Report periodically to management on cash flow requirements.
  • Develops recommendations to management on financial strategies, budgetary processes and operational solutions.
  • Ensure relations with tax experts (lawyer, accountant, auditor).
  • Participate in the development and overseeing of the department’s budget forecasts.
  • Ensure sound financial processes and reporting.

Key competencies and professional skills

  • Ability to analyze and summarize.
  • Good knowledge of management control and auditing, taxation, labor and business law.
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environments with constantly changing projects.
  • Project management skills and attention to detail
  • Caring and inspiring leadership
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with team members and various partners
  • Strong interest in the nonprofit and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and French.

Education and experience required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management or other relevant university degree.
  • Minimum of four (4) years experience in a similar role.

Benefits and conditions of employment

  • Flexible schedule
  • Vacations starting at 4 weeks (including the holiday season)
  • Advantageous collective insurances
  • Laptop computer and cell phone package
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Stimulating and inspiring work environment
  • Full time position
  • Competitive salary

Send your application (Resume + Cover letter) to before January, 30 2022.